After hours emergency care is available 24/7
with Board Certified Boca Raton Cardiologists

Q: What is a concierge program?

A:           It is a program borne out of patient’s requests, to be able to provide continuity of care around the clock, throughout the year.  It enables patients and their families to be in contact with their physician by cell phone, email or text, to assist in their health care needs, at any time.

Q: Will I be able to speak with Dr Mishkel, or will it be another “on call” physician?

A: Yes, Dr Mishkel, who knows you best and has access to your records, takes his own calls. You will not have to deal with another physician.

Q: Can I call Dr Mishkel, irrespective of whether I am in Boca Raton or elsewhere?

A: You can reach Dr Mishkel no matter where you are. Seasonal residents are able to obtain his advice or help from their other residences. In the past, Dr Mishkel has obtained urgent medical care for his patients in Manhattan. He will do his best to seek care from other highly qualified professionals in other locations.

Q: My parents live in Boca Raton and are facing the challenges of advancing years. Can I enroll your services to help with their general care?

A: As we age, we become more dependent on loved ones and professionals. The Concierge program is an ideal way to give family members peace of mind that their parents have someone upon whom they can depend, day or night. Dr. Mishkel can assist in many aspects of elder care relating to memory dysfunction, driving issues, fall risk, aspiration risk, and medication compliance. Dr. Mishkel works closely with family members to keep them updated and appraised of progress or challenges.

Q: What are some other benefits of this concierge program?

A: it is our hope that visits to the emergency room can be reduced, with phone access to your cardiologist. Dr Mishkel would rather see you urgently in the office, rather than have you present to the ER, if it is not necessary.

Q: Can I see Dr Mishkel right away when I have an urgent problem?

A: Yes. Slots are available to concierge patients outside of normal business hours at lunchtime and after 4:00 pm.

Q: What if I don’t join the program? Can I still be a patient?

A: Absolutely! This program is not compulsory nor exclusionary. You do not have to enroll in the concierge practice to obtain excellent cardiac healthcare.

Q: Will Dr Mishkel see me at Delray Medical Center, if I am hospitalized there?

A: Yes. Dr Mishkel attends at both Delray Medical Center and Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

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