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A Stress Echo is a non-invasive test that combines two tests, a treadmill stress test (TST) and an echocardiogram (ECHO) The test creates a graphic outline of the heart’s movement. A stress echo can accurately visualize the motion of the heart’s walls and pumping action when the heart is stressed; it may reveal a lack of blood flow that isn’t always apparent at rest.

How Should I Prepare for the Test?

  • It is important for the patient to ask his/her doctor:
    • how to adjust his insulin and food intake prior to the test if he is a diabetic.
    • If he should take his regular medications the morning of the test.
    • If he is on a Beta Blocker, can he STOP taking this medication 72 hours before the test as this is recommended for best results.
  • Do not apply lotions, oils or powders to the chest area.
  • Wear comfortable clothing (shorts or pants with shirt or blouse) and walking or jogging shoes.
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