After hours emergency care is available 24/7
with Board Certified Boca Raton Cardiologists

testimonialDr. Mishkel is a physician that truly cares about and understands his patients. He is knowledgeable, considerate, composed, understanding, and sympathetic. His demeanor is always positive having the capacity to recognize that each patient is an individual with different needs and concerns. I had the misfortune of meeting Dr Mishkel at the worst possible time, which was while I was having a Heart Attack. Luckily for me Dr Mishkel was the physician on call, and with his skill and aptitude he pulled me through with a minimum of harm. I consider this episode to be my second chance in life.

Dr Mishkel has been my dedicated physician since and with his foresight along with direction has helped to transform my lifestyle to one that is healthy and mindful to my particular condition and treatment. While Dr Mishkel always listens attentively, he also has the respectable sense to make certain that you are doing what is best to maintain the good health necessary to be proactive in your treatment. He is the quarterback to my team and makes certain that we are always heading towards the goal line and nothing less than a touchdown is acceptable. While in his treatment room you feel as though you are his only patient as he does not allow for distractions or intrusions. I think of Dr Mishkel as a friend who cares about me and my health and is not just a Doctor.

— Gary Warren

testimonial6Without hesitation we signed up for Dr. David Mishkel’s 24/7, mobile phone and text communication service. Dr. Mishkel’s  professionalism, kindness, and consideration saved Mama’s life as well as my sanity and ability to provide the best possible care for her.

Most recently after my mother needed an aorta replacement TAVR and a pacemaker implemented. while in NY. Dr. Mishkel researched the most experienced doctor with the best outcome record statistically, stayed in touch with him and us day or night He answered all questions without fail and guided us on how to handle the most difficult issues. We would be lost without Dr. Mishkel and his Concierge Service.

I strongly suggest participating in this new program for both patient and family member.

— Linda Brooks


My aged mother is a patient of Dr. Mishkel’s, and I reside in another state. He always keeps me well informed of my mother’s condition and needs.  The level of service that he provides is excellent.

— Gary Gutchess

tetimonial2I feel very lucky to have had Dr. Mishkel on call on August of 2005 on a Sunday afternoon.  I know that but not for him, I probably would not be here today.  I did not realize that I was having a heart attack, but I knew something was very wrong.  I can only say that I will always thank him for saving my life.

— Morris “Moe” Goldstein (5/9/2016)

testimonial3When Dr Mishkel told me about his concierge practice, my first thought was that he is the best and how could the care he gave me be any better.  Oddly, a few days after I signed for this service, I experience my first stroke –on a Sunday afternoon.  I called his cell phone and he answered with reassurance and instructions for meeting him at the ER.  For me, that one call was worth paying for the special service of a concierge practice.

— Sharon N.

testimonial2As a patient of Dr. Mishkel for a number of years, I have the highest respect and admiration for his knowledge, experience, and genuine sincerity in the well being of his patients. Although I did not exhibit any symptoms of heart disease, through his experience, expertise and diligence, he diagnosed my problem and ultimately, in the most literal sense, saved my life. If Dr. Mishkel were to be the standard by which all doctors were measured, there would be a lot more healthier patients. If he and his team were to be judged as an Olympic event, they would all score a perfect 10.

Thank you, Dr. Mishkel.

— George Gerakopoulos

tetimonial9At age 88 I have had many years of experience dealing with various doctors. Dr. David Mishkel exemplifies the qualities that determine excellence in the practice of medicine. He is professional, dedicated, proficient, compassionate and completely involved in the patient’s diagnosis and care.  He is a Cardiologist who literally made my “broken heart” heal.

— Burton Cohan

tetimonial7I am in love with my doctor in his ways of treatment for me.

— Francess Surdi

tetimonial5It was my lucky day when I was referred to Dr. David Mishel. Previously, I had been very depressed and did not fully comprehend my medical condition.

Dr. Mishkel was calm, concise, and understanding of my concerns. He thoroughly explained my heart condition to me. We went over all my options and available treatments. He was responsive to my questions and attentive to my health situation.

He and his staff made a significant difference in calming my apprehension. I am greatful to him. He is a wonderful Cardiologist.

— Elliott I. Birnbaum, Patient

tetimonial10My Husband and I are patients of Dr. David Mishkel.  When my Husband had a heart attack (a very critical time in my Husband’s life), Dr. Mishkel came in with his reassuring manners & charming smile put our minds at ease.

Dr. Mishkel is caring, dedicated & very professional in treating his patients.

My Husband, due to Dr. Mishkel’s brilliant expertise in cardiology, made a quick recovery.

My husband now leads a normal & fulfilling life.

Dr. Mishkel is our Angel from Heaven.

A Grateful Patient,

— Harriet Spinner

Dear Dr. Mishkel;

We as a family want to appreciate your time, quality, dedication and everything you have done for our dad!

You are a very kind human being and that is not easy to find nowadays!

Thank you for the way you have treated us and thank you for your honesty.

We will always be grateful and may God Bless you always.

Thanks a lot !

We feel blessed to have you as our dad’s doctor.

— Ricardo, Marcela, Erika & Monica N.

“Change all around I see, 0 thou who changest not abide with me”  approximately five months ago, at bedtime, I was so thankful for the good day that I had enjoyed.

However, as morning came, I knew something had changed, for i was having a difficult time breathing. I thought to myself, this too will pass, so I just struggled with it for the next few days but soon realized the breathing d1fficu1y was not going away, but was increasing.

I realized it was time to see my primary doctor, Dr. Stephen Schaffer who after a check up and exray of my chest, said, you must see a cardiologist asap. I called a fellow minister, Rev Ray Brower and mentioned my problem and asked if he knew a cardiologist I could contact. He said, I sure do know one and he happens to be my cardiologist. His name is Dr. David c. Mishkel and he is located at 1599 nw 9th avenue here is Boca Raton and his phone number is 561 338 8884. Rev. Brower added, you won’t find a better cardiologist than Dr. Mishkel.

I called for an appointment, and when I explained my breathing problem, though the schedule was filled, I was given an appointment at noon the very next day. My wife Vivian and daughter Brenda were with me when we met Dr. Mishkel. In this initial checkup he prescribed a medication designed to eliminate the water that he believed was pressing against my heart and chest, and said you are to come back tomorrow at noon. I took the medication and by the next day my breathing had improved quite a bit. From that point Dr. Mishkel put me through a number of test that indicated I had experienced heart failure. However, to know exactly what caused this problem he said we have to do a cardiac cathiterization at the Boca Regional Hospital.

When it was completed, Dr. Mishkel gave me some difficult news when he said, your main artery to your heart is 100% blocked, and that he was unable to remove the blockage. Before I could say a word, he said, however, you must have had an angel on your shoulder because you are healing yourself. He stated the artery to the left of the main artery was sending out vessels of blood to compensate for the lost blood from the blocked main artery. When he said that I knew there had to be divine intervention that caused this to happen for which I am forever thankful.

I and my wife and family only have words of praise for Dr. David C Mishkel, who with every step taken to find the problem and the answer to my problem did everything possible to bring my health back to a normal pace, and has in a special way restored my quality of life at age 91 through all the wisdom filled decisions he made. Would I recommend Dr. Mishkel to any who may need a cardiologist, 0 yes, positively, for he and his outstanding staff excel to the highest level.

Sincerely – Rev Dan Bartkow


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